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3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red
3moto Mobility Scooter Red

3moto Mobility Scooter Red

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When choosing a mobility scooter, there's so many choices on the market and it can be really hard to make a decision. You want a high quality scooter - at a reasonable price. You want your freedom and independence, perhaps you're currently reliant on a family member to take you places. 

With the 3moto scooter, it can give you back your freedom and independence as it is a scooter that you can rely on. This scooter offers features that you won't see on most scooters available on the market and with its extremely reasonable price tag, there's no need to look any further. Also, due to it being three wheeled, it has a much better turning circle than a standard four wheel model.


Most mobility scooters on the market come with a lead acid battery that may take you up to 15 miles if you're fortunate. At All Seasons Scooters, we listened to the customers feedback and designed the 3moto with a Lithium Battery. Our lithium battery does up to 45 miles per charge! This battery also reduces the overall weight of the scooter to approximately 70kg, far less than the industry standard of 100kg-130kg for class 3 mobility scooters. The benefits of using this high tech battery is that not only does it weigh less, it lasts far longer (better range and better life), but also this battery can be removed to be charged indoors. This makes it a perfect solution for ones living in a bungalow or a flat where storing the scooter inside is not an option. We can also provide a cover for the scooter if you want to keep it outside.

The battery is conveniently located underneath the seat, locked away. Only you as the owner with the key can remove the battery in less than 30 seconds. 

Braking System

   We have now upgraded all 3-moto models to come with front disc braking system. This ensures that you can brake safely and comfortable when coming to a stop. This adds to the overall safety and practicallity of the scooter.


 Lighting System


 All models come with a superior lighting system - all round LED, meaning that you won't have to keep changing bulbs when they blow on the scooter. This also gives the battery a better range as it requires less power from the battery.





Digital Display


Our digital display system is very clear and easy to understand. It shows your speedometer, odometer. It also conveniently displays your battery levels as well as showing whether you are in the drive, neutral or reverse option. 



Specifications & Features:

  • Motor: Reliable 500w Rear. 
  • Battery: 48v60v removable Lithium battery.
  • USB slot for charging electronic devices when on the move.
  • Alarm/Immobilizer fitted as standard.
  • Puncture proof tyres.
  • Rear basket for storage.
  • Front disc brakes, drum brakes on rear.
  • Led lighting system all around the scooter.
  • Front steering lock (security measure).
  • Drive, neutral and reverse option.
  • 4mph and 8mph, easily switch between them both for when on the pavement or road.
  • Horn.
  • Indicators.


This scooter is 140cm (55 inch) in length and 68cm (26.7 inch) in width. Please keep in mind that this scooter is larger than a standard class 1 or class 2 mobility scooter. It is designed for using on the road and pavements. This scooter cannot fold and be lifted into a boot. 

Payment and delivery:

We accept card payments over the phone or website, you can call us on 0800 644 7072. You can also make a paypal payment through our site too. We also offer 12 months 0% finance (subject to terms and conditions). If you wish to set up the finance for the scooter, please call us on the above 0800 number and we can arrange for this to be set up over the phone and give you an instant decision.

Delivery time is around 1-2 weeks time dependent on location of delivery. We fully assemble the scooter before hand and do stringent checks in our warehouse. We then hand deliver the scooter to the customer and offer a full demonstration on delivery. This is all included free of charge with the scooter.

Please note: The price above is the VAT free price. You qualify for this is you have a long term medical condition, have a blue badge or claim disability. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us and we can advise further.

Don't just take our word for it...

Feel free to ask any questions: 0800 644 7072 or you can email us: sales@allseasonsbikes.com.

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