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About Us

All Seasons Scooters started in 2013 - a year when fuel prices dramatically rose, insurance prices were at an all time high and we realised that we needed a solution. We launched our emoto 48v and it was an immediate success, as no insurance, licence or registration was needed. 

Over time, we have become a trusted market leader in eco-friendly products due to our high quality scooters, great prices and fantastic customer service. 

With the technology that we had amassed from our electric mopeds, we decided to use it on mobility scooters. We realised that the mobility market was very far behind the times, with overpriced models and prehistoric technology. We then launched our 3moto with much planning and preparation and it was an instant success.

We are proud of our models and what we stand for as a company, helping many up and down the country become green commuters.